Valkyrie class
Class Information



11 meters


7 meters


3 meters

Warp Systems
Main Cruising Speed:

Warp 2

Maximum Speed:

Warp 4

Maximum Speed:

Warp 4.5 (30 minutes)

Main Energy Weapons:
  • 4 Type-J Phaser emitters
  • 3 Type-VII Phaser banks (2 fore, 1 aft)
Torpedo Launchers:

1 (forward)




Grid-projected (TDS)/distance-projected shields


1 (emergency beam-out)

Other Systems:

Duranium hull and ablative armor matrix

Crew Members
Main Crew Compliment:



Class Description Edit

The Valkyrie is designed to function in a multitude of environments as well as roles. To be capable in all the varied conditions the systems are designed with flexibility, versatility, and stability in mind.

Fighter vs. Fighter: Two twin phaser banks at the front of the craft give it a wide firing base and the targeting systems on the craft allow it to hit specific systems on larger ships. Typically the hard points not used, or is used to carry fuel for longer range missions. The extra mass reduces the maneuverability of the craft.

Fighter vs. Starship: Speed and maneuverability are used to keep the starship's weapons at bay. The Valkyrie typically targets systems on board the ship in able to gain an upper hand. The hard points can be outfitted with a munitions pod that can carry extra weapons such as micro torpedoes.

Ground Support Role: The Valkyrie can use thrust vectoring to fly lower and slower to support the friendly ground forces. The hard points usually outfitted with ground attack munitions of a varied kind, depending on the mission and environment.

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